Aigenpulse invited on the first AI in Healthcare Mission in Taiwan

The first AI in Healthcare Mission to Taiwan, organised by the British Office Taipei and the UK Science & Innovation Network in Taiwan was a great opportunity for Aigenpulse to develop business with local Taiwanese organisations.

The trip has broadened our horizons and introduced us to a market place that we would never have been able to access without the help of these organisations.

Aigenpulse is a state-of-the-art software platform focused on accelerating drug discovery and development by using advanced data technologies and machine learning to address three key data problem areas – re-use, efficiency and quality. It eliminates the frustrations of dealing with Big Data and enables the development of better drug targets and candidates.

Data challenges for Life Science companies are the same the world over. As Taiwan is the world’s 22nd largest economy and a significant route into the economies of East & South East Asia, it was great to have an opportunity to showcase how our product can address data challenges and accelerate drug discovery.

We’d like to send a special thanks to Robert Edwards and Ginell Hsu for their hospitality and for introducing Aigenpulse to potential partners in Taiwan.