With Aigenpulse, you’ll have (ACED)2 your data intelligence in no time!

Aigenpulse is enabling users (scientific, clinical and managerial) to comfortably access, explore, search and analyse the data created in their organisation. We are developing a coherent data analytics backend system to enable the analysis of complex data assets at the click of a button. This will enable data to more efficiently guide scientists to develop a more holistic and informed process and ultimately, to develop new drugs more quickly and efficiently.


Customers select out of the range of Aigenpulse Experiment Suites so that their deployed Platform reflects their data environment.

The Aigenpulse Experiment Suites are built on a common foundation of sophisticated technologies which enables the compliant and sustainable development of new Experiment Suites, and the automatic interconnection of data from across Experiment Suites.

Aigenpulse Technology is underpinned by high performance cloud, security, storage and interconnectivity infrastructure.

A2 – advanced analytics

The Aigenpulse A2 (Advanced Analytics) is an extensible framework which encapsulates all the machinery, database models, definitions and forms required to run various analytical tasks using a vast array of data science packages, data processing pipelines and proprietary algorithms.

It allows for scalability with large numbers of users and large, complex datasets and the ability for granular process reproducibility (aligning with regulatory compliance and pharma FAIR principles).

The advantages of Aigenpulse A2 include:

  • Unified entry point for triggering and retrieving analytics tasks serving user driven front-end tools and integrated back-end tasks across the Platform.
  • Feature-rich yet simple for the user: simply select data, methods (statistical and dimensionality reduction, supervised and unsupervised learning), parameters and visualisations.
  • Enables insight generation which can be federated ad infinitum.

C2 – continuous compliance

Aigenpulse C2 is our proprietary technology which automates and encapsulates all testing and evidence generation processes (including our continuous integration/ continuous deployment pipeline). This ensures that during development cycles the Aigenpulse Platform is tested and retested in accordance to GAMP 5[i] V-model structures. This means that when using our Platform in your organisation, whether in R&D or GxP environments, you can be confident that is was built on, and performs to, the highest standards.

The advantages of Aigenpulse C2 include:

  • Users are supported 24/7 and able to raise an issue via their own online service portal.
  • All data (R&D, patient identifiable and anonymised) and analytics executed in the Platform are safe and secure, minimising risk of data loss and data corruption.
  • New updates and features are continuously delivered to users to ensure the Platform always stays fresh and feature-rich.

E2 – entities and experiments

Aigenpulse E2 is our proprietary technology for building automatically connected data from across different Aigenpulse Experiment Suites. The Aigenpulse E2 technology was built in response to the observation that scientific data is produced in experiments (genomics, proteomics, cytometry, assays, etc) to generate values about specific sets of biological entities, such as genes (see Figure 4), proteins, peptides, cells, tissues, biological samples. Our Platform is designed to unify these silos, promoting data re-use.

The advantages of Aigenpulse E2 include:

  • New Experiment Suites (such as CytoML Suite, Proteomics Suite, Genomics Suite, Assays Suite etc) can be automatically activated at any time.
  • Coherent entity structures ensure that data from different Experiment Suites are all mapped together automatically and can be explored from one starting point.
  • Sophisticated entity management enables the automatic cascading of relationships between entities which provides users the ability to interrogate their datasets from any plane.
  • Enables users to create their own aggregation rules without limits, control the management of entities across the Platform and have a single point of truth over all the information.

D2 – dynamic denormalisation

Aigenpulse D2 is our technical data modelling technology that provides configurable functionality for the user in how they explore and interrogate their data through the web front-end, e.g. pivoting datasets on particular purification antibody, or drug, or indication and showing persistent statistics. This puts real power in the hands of the users.

The advantages of Aigenpulse D2 include:

  • Limitless user front-end configurability to aid audited, agile scientific data interrogation.
  • All views, even those serving datasets with billions of values from across different database tables, load efficiently.
  • Built with in-depth life sciences-specific experience ensuring the technology can handle complex and massive data and can easily extend over time as new scientific instrumentation/data types are adopted.

For more information about the technology behind the Aigenpulse Platform, contact us.