Tobias Kloepper

Tobias Kloepper, PhD

CEO & Founder

Tobias has been working in the Life Sciences for more than 15 years and has applied cutting edge data and analytics technologies to advance our understanding of biology. He founded Aigenpulse to help accelerate drug development processes through enabling the use of modern data technologies in Life Science companies. He specialises in supporting successful technology transformations and implementing advanced data analytics environments.

Tobias received his PhD from the University of Tuebingen in Germany focussing on algorithmic approaches to model the evolution of bacteria. His interest in transferring technology into every day uses led him to work at the Max Planck Institute in Goettingen, the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and the Dunn School in Oxford before venturing into applying his skills in industry.

“I believe that in order to advance the effective use of data and analytics technologies in organisations, we need to focus on how we engage across all layers. My company has an open, positive and enabling engagement attitude with a focus on transferring best practices and skills alongside deploying our technical solutions such as the Aigenpulse Platform.”