Eduardo de Paiva Alves

Eduardo de Paiva Alves, PhD

Head of Data Science

Eduardo brings extensive experience as both as a bioinformatician and a software engineer. He was responsible for development and deployment of analytical software involving large datasets and HPC computing for leading financial institutions. He also works in several bioinformatics research projects involving all aspects of genomics.

Eduardo received a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Electro-communications in Tokyo, Japan for his work in Natural Language Processing. After 10 years working as a developer and team lead in the financial industry, Eduardo pursued a Post Grad Certificate in Digital Biology from the University of Manchester on non-coding RNA alignment and homology search. He then started working as a Bioinformatician at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland before joining Aigenpulse.

“Aigenpulse offered me the opportunity to combine my expertise in Bioinformatics and IT to help integrate scientific knowledge into a product that makes helps scientist perform analysis and explore data in an efficient and easy to use platform. I am especially excited about the possibilities of helping scientists structure and analyse data using an intuitive platform, fostering efficiency and reducing costs.”