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The role of flow cytometry in CAR-T therapy

A recent article published by a Senior Scientist in Cell Therapies at Takeda Oncology in American Pharmaceutical Review outlined the critical importance of flow cytometry-based analytical assays in the development and manufacturing of CAR-T therapies. The application of flow cytometry in this field is an FDA requirement – yet flow cytometry has some well-known drawbacks, […]

The top barriers to big data adoption in pharma R&D

Big data is an over-used and often a misunderstood term. IBM has added to its original 4 Vs of big data (volume, variety, velocity, veracity) with a fifth V – value. According to them, big data can ‘give you the ability to achieve superior value from analytics on data at higher volumes, velocities, varieties or veracities’.   In life sciences, the rapid digitalisation of R&D creates vast amounts […]