Why these two words perfectly describe Aigenpulse.

“Structured flexibility” – this two-word oxymoron may not mean much to you. It wouldn’t have meant much to me before a short time ago. But these two words encapsulate our philosophy and approach to developing a great product and building a truly remarkable company.

I arrived at this conclusion after many small but significant conversations and events, culminating with an ‘aha!’ moment whilst cycling home from the office after a particularly caffeine-filled day.

In between planning the next sprint and thinking about the product roadmap, I had multiple candidate telephone interviews and calls with potential customers. In each of these conversations, I kept coming back to the same conclusions.

Whether it was discussing with customers how we enable users to add their own custom aliases to references for a multitude of terms – genes, disease indications, tissues etc – or whether it was describing to candidates that we really do encourage continuous learning and upskilling or that anyone can choose to work from Oxford, London, their home or even a beach in Brazil when the feeling hits, I found myself using the same couple of words many times.

This could be because I need to seriously increase the range of my vocabulary. However, it could also be because, at Aigenpulse, we really do live the best of both worlds and take the best from the plasticity of ‘flexibility’ and the solidity of ‘structure’. More than that, we’re also acutely aware of the disadvantage of being too flexible, where any option is on the table, or too structured, where every decision is made and there is no room for exploration or experimentation or innovation.

In the Aigenpulse Platform, this means enabling users to focus on the data by providing options they really need and hiding what they don’t. Of course, additional options and modules can be added at any time without requiring any significant changes to the overall structure of the Platform.


Therefore, Structured Flexibility allows the Aigenpulse Platform to simultaneously maintain the structures of security, performance and properly managed data with the flexibility of dynamically adding new data types, modules and machine learning algorithms.

Front row l-r: Liam Buckley, Wendy Tindsley, Sylvain Duquenne; back row l-r: Satnam Surae, Tobias Kloepper, Eduardo de Paiva Alves

For the Aigenpulse company itself, Structured Flexibility means providing the right environment for our employees to bed-in, contribute and grow the way they want to. We’ve had computational biologists transition to full-stack software engineers and software engineers pivot to become devops gurus – so long as everyone is pushing in the same direction, we genuinely encourage personal development even if it means changing roles in the Company. In fact, we’d be seriously worried if one of our employees – not just in the technical side – felt they hadn’t learnt anything new. Thankfully, this hasn’t yet happened.

We’ve also taken the Structured Flexibility philosophy in our approach to  compliance. Compliance can be a significant overhead and a start-up killer. And we really didn’t want to drive away our great employees with bulky and cumbersome processes. But it’s absolutely critical for us to prove to our customers our software development practices, our Aigenpulse Platform and our company operates to the highest quality, data protection and security standards. Hence, we’ve built fully automated, fully audited and exceptionally lightweight processes that provide all of the compliance documentation required for any of the possible audits that we’re likely to face – be it ISO9001, ISO27001, GAMP5 or FDA CFR 21/11 – for every single commit of code.

So, Structured Flexibility is Aigenpulse and Aigenpulse is Structured Flexibility. We’re always working to be the best version of ourselves. We constantly look to make improvements in all areas of our offerings, our business and operations. Our structure is what provides us robustness, fortitude and longevity. Our flexibility enables us to be nimble, responsive and accommodating. Combined, Structured Flexibility is what makes Aigenpulse great.