My 2nd Year at Aigenpulse

How time flies!

With it being my second anniversary at Aigenpulse today, I thought I’d reflect a little on the rollercoaster of start-up life. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing…

I was hired into Aigenpulse (previously known as Whitehat Life Sciences) as a Senior Computational Biologist, having worked at a biotechnology group in a large American chemicals company for 18 months after finishing my PhD. Going from a huge organisation to the first non-founder employee was a huge leap of faith. What attracted me to join was not only the idea and the mission but the magnetic personalities of the founders. Their enthusiasm and confidence that they/we were setting out to transform the life sciences with big data technology was equal parts inspiring, on the realms of possibility, but also very audacious for a couple of tech nerds in a small office – all of which contributed putting my faith and career into an unknown entity.

What was to follow was a rollercoaster of learning, including technical, commercial and emotional, and living by the mantra of getting stuff done (SFW version). Interestingly in my first two weeks of October 2016, Tobias’ wife gave birth to their son, Anton. How Tobias and his wife managed to successfully balance a new family addition and a nascent company is something that still amazes me. We quickly added to the team with Sylvain and Ray, then Liam, Eduardo and Wendy. We then out-grew the small room in which we were situated, and the team grew some more – we haven’t stopped since with an office in London and one in Boston coming soon, also adding distinct Sales & Marketing, QA and HR teams! Over this time, my own role metamorphosed taking more leadership for the strategy of the Product and client engagement resulting in my promotion to Chief Product Officer earlier this year.


Our new Milton Park office as of September 2018!

I owe a debt of gratitude to Sylvain who really helped me in those early days, especially on a technical level. Also, a massive thanks to our early clients who placed their faith in our small company and, to this day, enable us to make our vision a reality which delivers tangible benefits to their work and science. Finally, a special mention to Tobias – he expects the best, he pushes us beyond our comfort zone and he sets the standards extremely high. He leads by example and has shown on the many difficult occasions those fundamental attributes of humour, humility and persistence which makes working with him so fulfilling. Personally, he has placed a lot of faith and responsibility of the company into my hands, which was hugely daunting but is extremely gratifying being able to directly impact the direction, growth and output of our great Company.

What I’m proud of is the extremely committed and multi-talented team we’re building. We truly believe that the best ideas come from the intersect of multiple disciplines and that is what is happening at Aigenpulse at white-hot pace. I’m very excited and optimistic at Aigenpulse’s future, we’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible and building a product that is showing its value to more and more clients.

In short, I can’t wait for the next two years and beyond!

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