Molecular biology data analysis and management

Molecular Biology

Today’s molecular biology laboratories rarely operate as stand-alone facilities. Typical workflows span several departments, and data is routinely downloaded to large spreadsheets on local laptops. Analysing such data manually can take several days. It’s a labour-intensive process, is subject to human error and can also delay scientists from continuing with experimental work. The Aigenpulse Platform brings all of your experimental data together in a form that can be interrogated and queried alongside all other data in the Platform.

Can you quickly integrate experimental data to entities?

  • Integrate experiment data with entities (e.g. genes, peptides, cell lines, tissues, samples to which other data has been linked) in the Aigenpulse Platform
  • Harness the complete set of captured data to make more informed decisions
  • Revise & revisit entities and experiments during the drug development pipeline

Can you simplify and speed-up data entry?

  • Reduce repetitive manual data entry tasks and so reduce the risk of errors.
  • Apply your quality control easily as you enter or upload data to the system to ensure full visibility over data quality.
  • Use visual indicators to quickly give you an overview of the data landscape, so you can identify interesting data points and outliers alike.

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ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is an immunological plate-based assay technique that can detect and quantify substances such as peptides, proteins, antibodies and hormones, by colour read-out. Retaining plate data and images, and knowing which decisions are taken based from ELISA is challenging with key pieces of information being lost over time. Hence, within the Aigenpulse Platform, ELISA plate data and images are integrated and stored, and the resultant decisions recorded.

Can you recall decisions from your ELISA data?

  • Seamlessly integrate ELISA results so that you can base key decisions on informed, and quantified interaction data.
  • Identify active antibodies in immunotherapy development, or TCR sequences from ELISAs run with target tumour antigens in large scale experiments.
  • Manage links between experimental results easily without misplacing information.
  • Never forget the decisions made using ELISA data for drug candidates throughout the whole pipeline.


Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology can detect interactions between a conjugated ligand on a gold surface and an analyte of interest by reflecting a light through a prism off the surface. The technology generates data on the binding properties between analytes and ligands. Storing this data on the Aigenpulse Platform automatically links the analysed ligands and receptors to entities stored within the Platform.
Can you find all your SPR data?

  • Upload and link SPR data to your repertoire of experiments and projects
  • Calibrate, plot and recalculate curves through the interface.
  • Organise and store all SPR data in one place.


High throughput immunoassays are a key tool for detecting and quantifying multiple secreted proteins (such as cytokines) in complex biological samples, and are commonly used in labs that study biological systems. The Aigenpulse Platform enhances the efficiency of analysing immunoassay data within the context of the drug development pipeline by automating the linking with all other data in the Platform.

Can you manage and organise output from high throughput immunoassays?

  • Records the experimental protocols, parameters and processing of immunoassays.
  • Stores and links the output from your immunoassays to biological entities, workflows and projects.
  • Maximizes insight by enabling a more holistic view of immunoassay data and metadata.
  • Ensure that results are not lost and can be searched and interrogated in context with other experimental and omics data.
  • Record all decisions made on the back of your results.