An interview with Max Malva Kissel, Intern at Aigenpulse

Max joined the Aigenpulse team for a months internship. Before he went on to travel and explore his next challenge overseas, we asked him a little about his experience with us.

Max, tell us a bit about yourself!

Well, I am half-German and half-Spanish, hailing from Barcelona. I am currently enrolled in the bachelor’s in management at the French university ESCP, spending this year on the London campus. My studies focus on business and economics, as well as the more humanistic aspects related to it.

So, your big first transition was from Barcelona to the UK?

Even though it was a significant and probably my biggest transition so far it was not my first one. I have moved around between Barcelona and Madrid quite a few times which prepared me in a great way for what was to follow. In terms of adjusting I have not really had many problems, unless you count the weather of course.

Did you have any working experience before your stint at Aigenpulse?

I had previously done internships at the German Telekom, relating to strategic alliances in the High-Tech sector, as well as at the Red Cross. I have also been active in journalism, to this day working as a correspondent for a radio station, as well as writing for an online news site. Aigenpulse’s sector however was a new world for me, one that I have enjoyed exploring during my time here.

What attracted you to Aigenpulse as a company for an internship?

Aigenpulse is of course a front-runner in their field offering cutting-edge technologies for which there is a huge demand, and which makes the process of R&D in the pharmaceutical industry significantly faster, as well as a lot more cost-effective. This application of Artificial Intelligence to big data generated in the process of creating new medicines is highly innovative and was of great interest to me.

What can you tell us about your activities during these last five weeks at the company?

My focus was on Business Development in the US and domestic markets, for the general sales as well as for the CytoML and Proteomics Suite. I also prepared a strategy for attracting market leaders in the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to this, I planned the launch event for the CytoML and Proteomics Suites on June 20th by employing Aigenpulse’s Project Management processes – a new experience in which I learned a lot! I also helped manage some of Aigenpulse’s social media channels, a key personal highlight was overseeing significant growth on Instagram.

What have you taken away from this experience at Aigenpulse?

I have furthered my knowledge and skills in business development, sales and marketing, getting some real experience analysing potential clients, working with the CRM system, etc. In addition to this I have gained valuable insights into Project Management, working with and learning from professionals. Last, but definitely not least I have learned a lot about the biotech and pharma industries, which was one of my goals going into the internship.

Finally, did you enjoy yourself?

Oh, for sure. It felt as if the Aigenpulse team welcomed me with open arms. I really had fun working with everybody and look forward to staying touch with you!

Thanks for all your hard work Max, we wish you all the very best! – The Aigenpulse Team