Today’s life sciences organisations may utilise tens or hundreds of different IT and informatics systems across different laboratories, departments and locations, but it’s unlikely that these platforms will all speak the same language, or output data in a common format. Proprietary software will likely result in the creation of silos of data/information that isn’t easily evaluated in context with other data. Aigenpulse considers this to be unacceptable in the age of FAIR principles. We are committed to ensuring that data on our platform can be exploited as the lifeblood of your organisation, and that means providing the ability to interact with and exchange data across systems, sources and software.


The Aigenpulse Platform provides a fully RESTful API service for you to connect to any of the three main layers of the Platform: Entities, Experiments or Analytics Processes. This architecture provides an accessible and secure end point for scientists and bioinformaticians to access data stored in the Platform, and for the development of in-house applications in any programming language that you may want to use to communicate with the Platform over HTTPS. The API also connects to other systems, sources and software that are typically used in the life sciences. This makes it straightforward to link with file stores (data lakes or data warehouses), ontologies and semantic engines, data processing pipelines and programming languages. Our APIs are fully documented, and customers are given notice of more than a year in advance of any API structure change, so there are no surprises.


Scientists are increasingly casting aside paper-based recording of experiments in favour of using Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) software to chart their daily workflows. The Aigenpulse Platform now offers full acquisition and integration of data from external ELN programs, including synchronised experimental metadata. Analyses and outputs generated within the Aigenpulse Platform can also be accessible from within the relevant ELN experiment. This promotes single points-of-truth on meta-data and analytical outputs across multiple systems – reducing ambiguity, increasing transparency and minimising the change that data will be lost of experiments unnecessarily repeated.


The Aigenpulse Platform inherently provides full item and sample tracking functionality, but we recognise that organisations may be comfortable using their existing laboratory information management systems (LIMS) infrastructure, so our Platform provides integration with a wide range of LIMS platforms, so that you can harness the power of the Aigenpulse Platform without the need for time- and resource-intensive data migration. Aigenpulse LIMS integration connects entities and inventories, and can retrieve schedules and QA/QC reports, so you can benefit from connecting downstream generated data on the Aigenpulse Platform directly to upstream experiments wherein the raw data was acquired.

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