Integration of Heterogenous Data into a Coherent Data Platform


A recent client, a mid-sized, well-funded and fast-growth biotech company, were creating more data than they could handle with their established methodology. The struggle hindered identification of essential research insights.

We offered them a solution, and this is how we did it.


The head of proteomics already had a lot of internal data. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the heterogenous datasets had to be re-structured. With our help they were able to process existing data in raw and processed forms, and then imported this freshly organised information.

The client also wanted to analyse existing public data alongside their own. We integrated multiple external data assets into the Platform, including datasets from ProteomeXchange, TCGA, GTEx, TRON and more. This allowed the client to generate data-driven conclusions from internal and external datasets.


After the import, all data was coherently structured and accessible via an easy-to-use web interface and API. The Aigenpulse Platform became the most used research software across the client’s organisation. With our tools, their experts have an easy way to add, track and analyse new datasets.