Gene Matching technology

Gene Matching

The Aigenpulse Gene Matching technology is founded on a collection of back-end algorithms and a front-end interface that takes the stress out of mapping protein and gene identifiers from multiple, disparate data sources. While mapping is performed automatically, the end result can be editable by authorised personnel, using the Gene Matching interface. Finally, when you add new Aigenpulse Platform modules or datasets, these are automatically matched and mapped using Gene Matching technology ensuring efficient scaling of the Platform alongside your research.

Focus on Genes, Not Identifiers

The Gene Matching module takes the worry out of working with multiple gene identifiers. To enable the automatic upload of any data with gene information – genomic, transcriptomic or any other data types – the module will automatically map between your given identifier set and any other held in the resource, including HGNC, Entrez, UniProt, Ensembl, and NCBI. Adding your own custom gene name aliases is also fully supported for partner- or programme-specific IDs.

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Automated and Transparent

Taking the hassle, time and effort out of manually matching gene identifiers, our smart Gene Matching module can match >96% of given gene IDs, with 3% being deprecated. Although the matching process is carried out as soon as any data referencing new genes are added to the system, the output of the matching algorithm can be viewed and edited by administrator users through the Gene Matching portal. And while the Gene Matching module is updated automatically in the Aigenpulse Platform, it is also fully auditable and can easily be rolled back.