Flexible working from and Employer’s perspective

Here I was, a Business Development Manager, overworked, juggling a million things and not doing anything effectively.  The solution was to find someone to help – Oh so easy, you would think!!

That’s what I thought, but I was soon to be proved wrong.  Because I am a bit of a ‘Jack of All Trades’ the job spec for this new knight in shining armour was broad and that’s where we started encountering problems.  I only needed someone with industry experience, gravitas, social media skills, marketing skills and business development skills who could at the same time organise & juggle conference organisation – not a big ask at all! I could find people who were strong in one element, but decidedly weak in another.

We spent many weeks going through CVs and undertaking telephone interviews, but I just couldn’t find anyone with even slightly the right combination of skills.

I had met Helen Wright from 923 Jobs in a previous life and was really impressed with her & her business, so I thought I would investigate whether a flexible approach might solve the problem.  Boy – it certainly did!

So, I now have a far better team than I could ever have wished for.  My team is experienced, professional and highly skilled.  While they have settled into slightly different roles, they can stand in for each other, which means we can maintain continuity.  I have a level of experience I couldn’t possibly have achieved by recruiting one person and in fact I may have to watch out for my own job, because either of them could happily take over!

I saw 3 CVs, interviewed 2 people and was so impressed by the two people I did interview that we offered them both a job.  Both are parents who had had good jobs and wanted to continue working at a respectable level, while reducing the stress of working full time so that they could look after their children.

Helen made the process really easy – very quickly understood our needs and provided exceptionally well-matched CVs in a really short space of time.  I am so sold on flexible working that we are going back for more and looking to hire another team member soon.

Here at Aigenpulse we positively embrace diversity; age, ethnicity, gender and working patterns, as we believe that they only add to the richness of the skills and experiences we have and open-up a world of opportunities for the company.

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