Experiment Suites

Aigenpulse’s experiment suites solve specific scientific challenges​ and are focused on one type of scientific data. They offer quick adoption to value for users, who benefit from scalable, audited data processing with full integration and analysis.

Each of our experiment suites…

  • Promotes re-usability: Breadcrumb trail from raw file to results. ​
  • Increases efficiency: Processing at scale, e.g. process or re-process thousands of files. ​
  • Drives quality: Public data can be integrated alongside in-house data enhancing depth; data-specific processing and analytics enabling data-driven decisions. ​

CytoML Suite

The CytoML Suite in the Aigenpulse Platform automates and enables higher quality insights from cytometry data.

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Proteomics Suite

Reduce your proteomics processing and analysis time by more than 50% with the Aigenpulse Platform Proteomics Suite.

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