CytoML Suite

The time it takes from acquisition of cytometry data to making actionable decisions is a long and manual process. This impacts the efficiency and quality of the data. The CytoML Suite – flow cytometry analysis solution – in the Aigenpulse Platform automates and enables higher quality insights from cytometry data.

Key benefits of Aigenpulse flow cytometry analysis solution:

  • Increase throughput of your flow cytometry data processing and analytics by as much as 600%.
  • Simultaneously increase accuracy, reproducibility and quality of flow cytometry data processing and analytics.
  • Automate end-to-end process for large numbers of raw files by leveraging usable machine learning to empower cytometry processing and analytics – no coding/machine learning experience necessary!
  • Reuse your processed cytometry data: Integrate population counts identified by manual gating (in .csv format) to increase the value of your data and enable cross-project analysis.
  • Connect cytometry with all other data in the Aigenpulse Platform.

Streamlined cytometry data processing and QC

  • Parse, integrate and standardise all popular flow cytometry data formats into the system using one seamless process.
  • Import data using an easy-to-use web interface, or via command line or API.
  • Quality assurance reporting is instantly generated during integration, providing full visibility on data quality.
  • Fully federated and audit logging for processing and integration parameters, enabling re-use and enhancing efficiency.

Is your gating reproducible?

  • Leverage machine learning to scale-up and automate gating using unsupervised and guided population identification – all built-in to the Aigenpulse CytoML Suite.
  • Clearly visualise populations and have full control over gating parameters in the Decision Space.
  • Retain all algorithm parameters for fully transparent and reproducible cytometry gating.
CytoML Gating

Want to speed up insight generation?

  • Insights can easily be derived from exploring the data in different planes using the in-built plotting tools.
  • With reliable gating, events are sorted and annotated into populations which are beautifully presented to the user in a hierarchy tree. This empowers the user to select sub-populations for analysis, save/reload collections of sub-populations and share these with colleagues.
  • Finally, selected sub-populations-to-parent ratios are calculated and visualised, enabling the user to quickly focus on identifying the significant finding from their experiments.

GxP validation (optional)

  • Leverage the power built-in the CytoML Suite in labs and manufacturing sites with regulatory requirements – be it FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, GLP.
  • The Aigenpulse CytoML Suite has been developed from the ground-up to be a validated computerised system aligning to GAMP5.
  • Every analysis, every dataset, every parameter, every report generated in the Aigenpulse CytoML Suite is retrievable and reproducible with timestamps, user information, parameters used and data input and output.

Want to know more?

To find out how the Aigenpulse Platform CytoML Suite can quickly enhance your cytometry processing and
analytics workflow pre-clinical and GxP environments, talk to an Aigenpulse cytometry expert today!

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