Interview: Helping Life Science Companies With Big Data Challenges

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Steve Yemm, and our Chief Product Officer, Satnam Surae, recently spoke with Pharma’s Almanac for its new PATV series. They discussed big data challenges and how our unique data intelligence platform helps companies in the life sciences. You can watch the full interview here and get in touch for more information […]

Article: Speeding up flow cytometry in clinical development

Flow cytometry is one of many analytical techniques used in clinical development to help discover new biomarkers and aid in development of new therapies. We wrote an article for Clinical Lab International highlighting how automated gating can expedite data processing and management, leading to improved productivity and insights in flow cytometry analysis for clinical research. […]

Article: How Machine-Learning Tools Hold the Key to Unlocking Novel Insights

The scale and threat of the pandemic has led to the need for rapid analysis of Covid-19. Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a large role in this process, and with other diseases, too, accelerating scientific research to enable major breakthroughs. Read our full article with BiopharmaTrend on the importance […]

Article: Automated flow cytometry can expedite the discovery and development of next-gen drugs

Automated workflows offer a number of advantages to pharmaceutical companies that can integrate them to accelerate drug discovery and development. Our latest article with The Science Advisory Board explains why automated gating in flow cytometry presents researchers with huge advantages compared to manual gating techniques. Read the full article here.

Interview: Data lifecycle and automated gating

Our Chief Product Officer, Satnam Surae recently spoke to Bioanalysis Zone about the importance of flow cytometry in pharmaceutical research and what the future holds for the technique. You can read the full interview here and contact the team for more information on how we can support your R&D efforts.

Article: Automated flow cytometry analysis tools unlock pharma research insights

As pharmaceutical companies expand their research and development (R&D) efforts to meet the growing global demand for new drugs, the need for efficient analysis of preclinical and clinical research data is becoming a priority. Take a look at our article with Drug Discovery World which discusses the challenges of the large volume of data generated […]