Case Studies

Integration of Heterogenous Data into a Coherent Data Platform

Challenge A recent client, a mid-sized, well-funded and fast-growth biotech company, were creating more data than they could handle with their established methodology. The struggle hindered identification of essential research insights. We offered them a solution, and this is how we did it. Impact The head of proteomics already had a lot of internal data. […]

Automation and Scaling of Analytical Processes

How one client was able to reduce 3-4 weeks’ work to real-time   Challenge When a client came to Aigenpulse for help with in-silico target validation, their established analytics routine took 3-4 weeks per target. Their data exploration was hampered by external data and analytics tools, which couldn’t be combined efficiently with in-house data assets. […]

Mining Text to Target Drug Development

Automation and Scaling of Analytical Processes Case Study