Aigenpulse named one to watch by Investment Manager Patrick O’Brien of Capital Cell UK

In a recent blog post Patrick O’Brien, Investment Manager at Capital Cell UK (Europe’s first life sciences & healthcare crowdfunding platform) named Aigenpulse as one of the Top 10 British Healthcare and Life Sciences Scale-ups you should watch.  We are delighted and honoured to be recognised and looking forward to a very exciting 2019, you can find the full blog post here, many thanks Patrick.

The UK has a track record of a rich startup scene, especially research-based University spinouts, but is struggling to take companies further to a scale-up and growth stage. The government has realised though that a boost of just one per cent to the UK scaleup population could create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and a substantial GDP increase. It even launched the Scale-Up Taskforce to identify barriers to small business growth.

Scale-Ups need funding, good leadership and support. This can be in the form of growth programmes (e.g. PwC’s SCALE or the DH.L Accelerator), but also from supportive investors and board members who enable access to their networks and knowledge. Equally, I believe that better awareness of a company within an ecosystem and abroad can enable fresh connections and only be beneficial to its scale up.

Start-up, Scale-up, Scaler

Below I have put together a list and short profiles of some of the hottest UK Healthcare and Life Sciences companies which, in my opinion, are worth watching. If you think a company is missing or shouldn’t be on this list, please get in touch via LinkedIn.

Aigenpulse — Bioinformatics

This Oxford-based company has built a fully adaptable platform for scientific data storage combined with AI analysis. Pharma/biotech drug development is extremely expensive, has a high failure rate. Furthermore, data sets (especially in genomics) are getting larger and larger and hard to handle and many assets (i.e. experimental data) get acquired and need to be transferred to the new owner. Imagine now you have your data in a system that lets you manage this data in an adaptable, scalable way, combined with AI-based analytics at its core. The company is only 2 years old, but already has some large contracts which needed a larger team and new offices. In our day of personalised medicine and high M&A (ed; Mergers and Acquisitions) activity, this company will have plenty of customers to come.