Aigenpulse expands into new facilities in Oxford, UK and Boston, US

New premises at Milton Park, Oxfordshire, UK and in Boston, MA support rapid expansion of company

Oxford, UK, 24 October 2018: Aigenpulse Ltd., (Aigenpulse), a company at the forefront of employing data technologies and advanced machine learning to accelerate drug discovery, today announced it has moved into larger premises at Milton Park, Oxfordshire, UK and opened offices at the CIC in Boston, Massachusetts, US. The additional spaces support the company’s continued expansion, growing four-fold in the last year, including the appointment of Nick Cross as Non-Executive Director, and Dr Satnam Surae as Chief Product Officer.

Aigenpulse will take 2,026 sq ft in the science and technology cluster at Milton Park, Oxfordshire, with plans to take additional space to accommodate future expansion. As one of Europe’s largest business parks, the company will be neighboured with over 9,000 people and 250 organisations, including manufacturing, medical services and mobile technology. Aigenpulse has worked in collaboration with fellow Milton Park occupier, Immunocore, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. The site is developed and managed by MEPC.

The new office space at the CIC in Boston, Massachusetts, expands Aigenpulse’s presence in and support for the North America market. As part of the East Coast’s well-established life sciences cluster, the premises are part of the company’s plans to extend its global reach and to develop its US client base.

Tobias Kloepper, Chief Executive Officer at Aigenpulse, said: “The new office space in the UK and US is an exciting development for the company. Since launching in 2016 we have seen significant growth, specifically in response to customer recognition of the value we have created in the biotech sector. Therefore, as a fast-growing company, it is essential we are positioned in locations that offer us the flexibility to expand, whilst being surrounded with like-minded, innovative businesses, as Milton Park and the Boston life sciences cluster does.”

Philip Campbell, Commercial Director for MEPC at Milton Park, said: “We’re delighted that Aigenpulse has chosen to expand its operations here at Milton Park. The company is consistent with the kind of pioneering organisations Milton Park is already home to. And we look forward to supporting Tobias and his team with their future growth plans. They are a great addition to the life sciences cluster at Milton Park.”

Aigenpulse contact:
Wendy Tindsley, Senior Business Development Manager
T: +44 (0) 7807 054617
Press contact:
Sarah Jeffery, Zyme Communications
T: +44 (0) 7771 730919

About Aigenpulse:

Aigenpulse is a state-of-the-art software platform focused on accelerating drug discovery by enhancing scientists’ capabilities with advanced data technologies and artificial intelligence.
Scientists use the platform to structure, share and analyse their research, translational and preclinical data. This makes it easier to search and visualise relationships in the large and diverse data sets generated by R&D pipelines – such as genomics, proteomics, biochemical and biophysical assays. Analyses can be automated, enabling researchers to focus on core science, while benefitting from data to augment experience and intuition in decision making.

The Aigenpulse Platform helps biopharma companies to unlock the power of their data, ultimately increasing the efficiency at which new and improved drugs reach patients. Our customers are already gaining deep insights into their operations and research activities, leading them to identify and pursue drug candidates with the highest potential and allowing low potential candidates to fail faster.

Pharma, biotech, CRO and bioinformatics customers are benefitting from the improved traceability, auditability and visibility of progress within their drug discovery and development pipelines. Access to the Aigenpulse platform is via subscription licence agreement and can be integrated into established research processes within weeks. The platform is modular and flexible, and can be rapidly scaled, with integration into existing IT infrastructure, on premises or in the cloud.

Aigenpulse was founded in 2016 and has built a team of expert bioinformaticians, software engineers and project managers with a mission to combine machine learning and human expertise to facilitate the efficient creation of better drugs; making them available to more people.

The company is headquartered in Oxford, UK.

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Milton Park is home to over 9,000 people and 250 organisations. As one of Europe’s largest business parks, Milton Park accommodates all types of business, from manufacturing and medical services to mobile technology. By having such a large and eclectic variety of companies and individuals, creates an environment that is inclusive, as well as exclusive.

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