Where has it gone?

Where on earth has this year gone?  A year ago, today I was employee number five at Aigenpulse, arriving at our small office in Milton Park and being issued with a laptop, business cards and a really smart set of headphones.

Four of us occupied a very small room, which temporarily became a meeting room until we finally caved in and had to reinstate it as an office for our burgeoning team.  We had very kindly been lent the office by the board of one of our clients, who we systematically & politely ejected as our need for space increased and to whom we will be eternally grateful for incubating us.

We now have twenty one employees & five open positions, so things have changed a lot in a year and we have welcomed sixteen new talented people to the team.  We couldn’t physically fit any more bodies into the borrowed office, so, we now have an office in Paddington and a big highlight was our office move to a huge new office of our very own in Milton Park a couple of weeks ago.

The icing on the cake for me this year has been the growth of my team.  I have a relatively new team, but they have performed their socks off already and are a total delight to work with.

I came to Aigenpulse having run several businesses of my own and having been a business advisor for 20 years, but I had been a ‘Jack of All Trades’, with a little bit of knowledge about a lot of things.  Here I am now, responsible for Business Development in a sector I knew relatively little about.  So, the learning curve has been vertical.  I’ve learnt about DevOps, Python, JavaScript, Docker, Agile, CAR-T, Crispr to name a very few.

So why Aigenpulse?  Well I have seen an awful lot of companies in the past, but Aigenpulse ticked every box – A driven and visionary founder, a great team and culture and a brilliant product, which has the capacity to disrupt the drug discovery process and ultimately make more and better drugs available to more people worldwide.

Phew! What a year!