Aigenpulse - Intuitive, Flexible, Powerful.

One Place

A scalable system that provides a single place for all of your company’s data assets, regardless of size.

Visual front end

Intuitive graphical interface and user experience for exploration and search.

Secure, granular control

Dedicated server hosted on-site ensures access can be tightly controlled.

Fully Audited

Track changes and monitor usage. Understand how your data is used — and by whom.

High performance back end

Fully backed up by powerful data analytics.

Bespoke data visualisations

Powerful visualisations plus custom reporting functionality to keep a close watch on your data.

Aigenpulse blends biotechnology and data analytics to drive your research further

Unlocking the power of your data

Aigenpulse is a fully customisable, modular system that continuously adapts to the unique research requirements and structures of your organisation.
We help you digitalise the entire research process, so you can execute more meaningful and powerful analytical workflows — across the whole breadth of your available in-house and external data resources.
Leveraging the latest state-of-the-art advancements in the data science and machine learning field, we can tailor solutions to life sciences customers so they make rapid, impactful and significant leaps in research.

For your Business

The Aigenpulse platform ensures that informed data-driven decision making can spread freely — yet securely — throughout an organisation. With complex research, too often your key team members can be unclear about what progress is being made, and may lack the agility to forecast from it. But with better data analysis tools, your business can actually accelerate research, reduce the time you spend taking care of regulatory and compliance issues, and enjoy the benefits of a fully audited environment with appropriate control over security and access. When you use Aigenpulse to productionise these processes by digitalising the entire research funnel, you can execute more meaningful and powerful analytical workflows — across the whole breadth of your available in-house and external data resources.

For IT Specialists

Our top priority is to help you create a scalable IT solution that can address the real needs of busy scientists. With the Aigenpulse platform QA, reporting and visualisations are all taken care of, so insights flow naturally, and the system also improves audit trails, traceability, and reproducibility. Aigenpulse can help you set up a bespoke system for best practice in analytical processes, for security and peace of mind — while acknowledging the importance of smart IT in a modern organisation. For example, you can say goodbye right away to endless manual or custom scripts for searching through multiple Excel files. Boosting confidence in the data, plus increased speed of analysis and reduction in human error means better results for everyone.

Bent Jakobsen - Immunocore

“Aigenpulse has the knowledge and expertise in applying today’s most advanced technical solutions coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of scientific research.”

Bent Jakobsen Chief Scientific Officer, Immunocore


Data Management

The power to drive research and innovation

Managing data is not just central to research — it’s what powers modern businesses. But too many organisations are missing the opportunity to harness the real potential of their data, simply because they’re not using the best tools for the job.

So we asked ourselves: what if the smartest new data management platform could actually accelerate research in life sciences? The Aigenpulse platform is the result: enabling researchers to focus on developing the core technology of your business, while we accelerate and automate data integration and analysis for you.

Leveraging the latest state-of-the-art advancements in data science and machine learning, we tailor solutions to life sciences clients so they can make innovative leaps — faster.

Unlock research data

It’s vital for a research-driven organisation to build a consolidated data strategy. Without it, you’ll often be frustrated when it comes to driving your technology forward.

Aigenpulse answers this need with a data management system uniquely focussed on storing, structuring and securing all your research data.

We can all see that life sciences are being transformed by a digital technology revolution. The amount of data created by experiments is growing exponentially, driven by the adoption of high-throughput technologies. But too many companies are experiencing more and more frustration: they are stuck in repetitive analysis, with a lack of effective feedback, and data flowing only one way — rather than freely and intelligently throughout the organisation.