Tobias H. Kloepper, PhD

CEO & Founder

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Tobias has been working in the Life Sciences for more than 15 years and has applied cutting edge data and analytics technologies to advance our understanding of biology. He founded Aigenpulse to help accelerate drug development processes through enabling the use of modern data technologies in Life Science companies. He specialises in supporting successful technology transformations and implementing advanced data analytics environments.

Tobias received his PhD from University of Tuebingen in Germany focussing on algorithmic approaches to model the evolution of bacteria. His interest in transferring technology into every day uses led him to work at the Max Planck Institute in Goettingen, the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and the Dunn School in Oxford before venturing into applying his skills in industry.

“I believe that in order to advance the effective use of data and analytics technologies in organisations, we need to focus on how we engage across all layers. My company has an open, positive and enabling engagement attitude with focus on transferring best practices and skills alongside deploying our technical solutions such as the Aigenpulse platform.”

Satnam Surae, PhD

Lead Computational Biologist

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Satnam has been active in the Life Sciences for more than 10 years. While originally focussing on Biochemistry, he discovered early on his passion for applying information technologies to biological challenges. His unique ability to transition between both worlds enables our teams to effectively develop the product and at the same time provides him with the ability to shape our customer engagement.

Satnam received a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and MRes in Computational Biology from the University of York (UK). He went on to receive his PhD in Computational Structural Biology from University College Dublin (Ireland) in 2015 focussing on engineering Bone Morphogenetic Proteins as potential therapeutics for diabetic nephropathy. Following this, Satnam worked in industrial biotechnology developing metabolic models to engineer microorganisms with the aim of producing chemical intermediates prior to joining Aigenpulse.

“I’m incredibly excited at the potential that technology has on transforming the life sciences and the Aigenpulse platform is our contribution to help realising this potential. It is gratifying being on the cutting edge and providing the data-driven tools and technologies for our clients to unleash the power of their research in combatting many serious diseases.”

Sylvain Duquenne

Lead Software Engineer

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Sylvain is an experienced Software Engineer and Data Scientist having worked in a variety of industries such as Life Sciences, Logistics and Retail. He is deeply passionate about technology and how it can be shaped to optimise processes and empower people. Sylvain has proven excellence in software architecture, database design and machine learning within different environments. Since he joined Aigenpulse in October 2016, he has been shaping the software engineering team and taken over core responsibilities for the development of the product.

Sylvain received a BSc in Computer Sciences and a MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) followed by a MSc in Marketing Analysis at the Ghent University (Belgium). He first studied the foundations of computer science and software engineering before focusing on optimisation and machine learning to then apply his knowledge to state of the art analytics challenges.

“You will hardly find better causes than supporting and technology enabling world-leading scientists working to cure some of the deadliest diseases out there. Being part of the excellent and multi-disciplinary Aigenpulse team gives me the opportunity to continuously apply new technologies.”

Andrew Rimmer, PhD

Lead Software Engineer

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Andy has a background in Particle Physics, Finance, and Genomics. He enjoys building efficient data analysis tools, learning new technologies, and helping to create an environment where talented people can thrive. He joined Aigenpulse in September 2017, and is heavily involved in recruitment, and shaping the company’s approach to software development.

Andy received a PhD in Particle Physics from Liverpool university, after spending 4 years in pursuit of quark substructure. Following a 3-year stint writing FX options trading software, he then spent 5 years at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford, designing and implementing variant calling algorithms for next-generation sequencing data. He was then first employee of an Oxford University spin-out, Genomics plc, where he spearheaded the development of their genomic data analysis platform.

“Biological data is messy and it is my passion to unravel the secrets within these complex data sources.”